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Setup the Greenhouse Application

In my past blog entry I listed different Open Source Frameworks that can be used for mobile testing on Android and iOS. For showcasing the different frameworks, I will use the Open Source project Greenhouse that SpringSource has created some while ago to:

Serve as a open-source, public-facing reference and driver for Spring technology, including Spring MVC, Security, Integration, and the newSpring Social andĀ Mobile projects.

For making the demonstration easier, I have forked the corresponding projects on Github and in the following lines you find all the details you need to follow to setup everything:

SpringSource has created a guide about how to setup the development environment. The main reason for creating the fork was the data initialization, for doing this you need

  • to clone the greenhouse project and

  • to update theĀ test-data.sql.

Running the webapp The webapp can be started using Tomcat from the command line by invoking the Tomcat 7 Maven plugin: mvn clean install t7:run The webapp can be found under: http://localhost:8080/greenhouse where you can login with the following details (in the above mentioned sql file you find other credentials as well): Username: craig@habuma.com_ Password: freebird_

Running the Android app (Details are taken from the greenhouse-android wiki) Build and Run the Greenhouse for Android app: $ cd greenhouse-android $ mvn clean install If your favorite Android emulator is started: $ mvn android:deploy

In this screencast I describe how the greenhouse environment is setup: