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Mobile App Testing Book Recommendation

Yesterday Daniel Knott announced that he has published his book Hands-On Mobile App Testing. Daniel writes on his book page: “This book is aimed at anyone interested in mobile apps and mobile testing, ranging from junior to expert mobile testers who are already involved in mobile development teams. This book is also ideal for software test managers who need to manage mobile testing teams or to select a mobile test strategy.

GTAC 2014

I’m happy to announce that I will give a lightning talk at Google’s Test Automation Conference (GTAC) about selendroid. The schedule of this year’s conference you find here In the mean while I have written together with Michael Palotas an article about Mobile Test Automation with Selendroid in the Methods and Tools Magazine.

Mobile webdriver Selendroid

In this blog post I would like to write again about mobile test automation. In the last months I spent a lot of my time working on a new test automation framework: Selendroid - a mobile WebDriver implementation for native and hybrid Android apps. Selendroid is an implementation of the Selenium WebDriver JSON Wire protocol, which is about to become a W3C Standard. Main features of selendroid are: Full compatibility with the JSON Wire Protocol.

Speed up the development of Calabash-Android tests

In one of my previous blog posts I described about how to use Calabash-Android in general. In today’s post I’m describing about how to speed up the development of automated mobile tests using Calabash-Android using and mostly configuring the interactive Ruby shell (IRB). IRB is a shell allows the execution of Ruby commands with immediate response, experimenting in real-time. This is pretty useful if you are about to automate an Android application screen that is part of an flow and you are in the process of finding for the UI elements the right commands e.