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Mar 10, 2012 - 1 minute read - mobile testing


Via Twitter I found the camholder (, which can be used to

… present your mobile content right on your device – with all it’s sensors! The HD camera and the (optional) Mac Software are proven to work on stage for your best live performance.

So I ordered one and some days ago the Camholder was delivered and I’m really happy that I ordered one. I’m planning to use the CamHolder in presentation and as well during the day to day work because the team I’m part of is distributed around Europe.

Picture of the CamHolder.

In this screencast is Heiko Behrens explaining the details about the CamHolder:

The CamHolder is working great, each detail like the “mounting” of the mobile device to the CamHolder is done in an awesome way. The mobile devices are fixed on the sticky ground. The clue is that the device can be easily removed and a new one can be attached easily during a live session. The free available CamHolder software is working great and has exactly the feature that I have expected.