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Mar 16, 2012 - 1 minute read - test automation lessons learned conference

Test Automation - 10 (sometimes painful) Lessons learned

Last Wednesday Michael Palotas and I have given together a presentation at the Swiss Testing Day 2012 in Zürich about the 10 (sometimes painful) Lessons we have learned in test automation and the presentation is about:

eBay’s European quality engineering team has broad experience implementing end-to-end test automation in different software development environments (agile, waterfall, co located , outsourced, distributed). This presentation illustrates the key lessons learned from a technical and business perspective


  1. Flip the testing triangle
  2. Everyone knows what’s automated
  3. A tool is not a strategy
  4. Write the right tests
  5. Instant Feedback is essential
  6. Automation is software development itself
  7. Maintainability is king
  8. Speak the same language as the developers
  9. Invest into the test Infrastructure
  10. Manual Testing is still very important

Video recording