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Apr 16, 2023 - 2 minute read - software analytics ai-driven testing model-based-testing conferences test automation

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This post is a collection of interesting blogs and findings in the internet about quality engineering, software analytics and other software engineering (leadership) related topics.

Software Analytics

What is “Software Analytics”? Tim Menzies & Thomas Zimmermann defined it as “Software analytics is analytics on software data for managers and software engineers with the aim of empowering software development individuals and teams to gain and share insight from their data to make better decisions.”

Resources from Markus Harrer:

AI-Driven Test Automation

Acquire a foundational understanding of AI and ML, and explore their applications in addressing software testing challenges. Uncover sources for accessible, open-source instruments that facilitate AI-powered test automation. With Tariq’s step-by-step guidance, learn the essentials required to embark on a journey into AI-driven testing.

Resources from Tariq King:

Expiring vs. Long-Term Knowledge

Dive into Morgan Housel’s* thought-provoking exploration of the ever-changing landscape of knowledge, as he distinguishes between expiring and long-term wisdom. Unravel the secret to navigating this complex world by understanding the dynamic nature of information and mastering the art of constant learning. Don’t miss out on this compelling piece that is sure to ignite your curiosity and inspire you to re-evaluate your approach to knowledge acquisition.

*Source: Software Lead Weekly

Model Based Testing Introduction

Learn more about the basic principles, get an insight into the diverse approaches of the MBT universe and discover the true benefits of model-based testing that do not always show up where they were originally expected. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to explore the expectations and experiences of MBT users and broaden your own perspective on the topic.

Resources by Dr. Anne Kramer

Agile Testing Days Sketchnotes

Especilly the sketchnote about the talk “Refining your Test Automation Approach in modern contexts” caught my attention because I’m seeing as well that in Test automation today are very similiar challenges than 10 years ago.

Resources by Lisi Hocke